DONE with the fear, anxiety & struggles that have come with chronic pain?

DONE waking up every morning feeling limited & restricted by pain?

But nothing seems to be helping?

You're missing a crucial element.

Without this, you're likely keeping yourself spiraling in pain!

(not on purpose, of course!)

Which applies to you?

  • Constantly feeling like 'I just need to learn one more thing', so you read or listen to yet another thing & stay in a state of learning vs actually turning inwards...

  • Stuck in a cycle of doing too much & then needing to do nothing while shaming/beating yourself up for over-doing it AND for not being able to do enough all at the same time!

  • Wanting to just live life, but every time you try, pain flares up or you are paralyzed in fear & anxiety of a flare up

  • Have checked all the boxes of meditating/journaling, but still feeling stuck on how it is supposed to help your pain

  • Unable to do any sort of mindfulness work because your nervous system *freaks* out, or you can never seem to do it right!

If you relate to any one (or more) of the above, you are NOT alone.

And, you are stuck in the vicious cycle of chronic pain.

Know, despite being caught in this are a fucking badass. That is why you are HERE. You are looking to BREAK it.

And being stuck in this cycle is NOT YOUR FAULT!

The patriarchy thrives on us attacking ourselves and trying to perfect away our human-ness.

This is what we have been TAUGHT to do.

And, one by one, starting with our own bodies...

We can start a revolution.

You can learn how to build the nervous system safety to show up for yourself & your body.

You can learn to embrace what has felt too scary & painful to turn towards.

You can learn to turn inwards, explore & getting curious about yourself & your body, rather than trying to "fix it" away.

And each step of the way, I will help ensure you have the nervous system safety & capacity.

What happens if your approach to your pain doesn't shift?

You don't need me to tell you living in pain is challenging...

You already know you've had to miss out on fun moments or give up a favorite hobby or workout.

You know what pain has taken from you.

And you also know continuing on this path will only lead to losing out more & more in life.

Life will continue to shrink.

Because as long as you continue to see pain as something to be fixed; as an will remain unable to hear (or heal) it.

This (unintentionally) keeps you at war with your own body.

Which AMPLIFIES the physical pain. And this creates that feeling of anxiety, tension & general sense of "omg, if one more thing goes wrong today, I am going to explore and/or collapse on the floor in absolute hopelessness"

Time will NOT heal chronic pain.

If you've had pain for >6 months (and especially if you've been in pain for years) you likely realize this already. Which is why you've sought out treatment after treatment...

Practitioner after practitioner...

Resource after resource...

Here is the thing - if those things were going to work, they would have worked by now.

No one can heal your pain FOR you.

Look, I get it. I, too, tried everything with the intention of pushing pain away. Getting rid of it. Fixing it.

Of course you want to get rid of your pain!!!

But if your pain is here to send you a message - Your pain needs to be approached differently.

Because in order for your pain to heal, the message it is sending needs to be heard.

Until this message is heard with compassion & curiosity, it will only scream louder & create more pain.

You cannot hear the message while simultaneously slamming the door on it.

This requires taking a RADICALLY different approach to the healing process.

Hearing pain's message is

THE crucial element!

Without this, you will remain stuck in the vicious cycle of chronic pain.

Stuck battling yourself.

Stuck searching for thing after thing to fix yourself.

You are not a project to be fixed.

You are a complex, whole, beautiful, worthy human.

Which means you get to live a life that is no longer burdened or limited by chronic pain.

What if your pain was actually your invitation?

An invitation to a life that gets to be lived on YOUR terms?

Yes - that pain you've been working SO hard to fix. The one you so desperately want gone.

What if
that pain was an invitation to listen to the message our body has been desperately trying to send?

An invitation to listen to the message your body has been sending.

To sit with your pain, rather than operating from a place of constant tension and anxiety.

To deepen into yourself rather than be consumed of fear about how this pain will ruin your life.

An invitation to uncover the gold & the light that is already in us by sifting through the dark layers. 

What Happens when you

accept this invitation from your pain?

⫸ Your pain lessens (or goes away) because it no longer needs to scream at you

⫸ The endless racing thoughts about fear of re-injury or how you're going to care for your kids dissipates

⫸ Your time is freed up when you aren't endlessly googling, "how to fix my pain" or going to endless appointments

⫸ You can get back to running, strength-training, or whatever other movement you loved!

⫸ You can finally try out that pottery class or, spend all day curled up reading without fearing for what it will do to your back

⫸ ...and SO much more, because you get to live life on YOUR terms

Navigating Pain's Invitation on Your Own

is Harder Than You Think!

I wish it was as straightforward as "just go into your body, listen, and do what it says".

But this couldn't be further from the case!
Not when there are barriers & layers of fear to even turning inwards.

Not without the skill to differentiate between a message based out of survival & fear...

vs a message that is out of thriving & alignment.

Not when we are used to self-judgment & criticism and have yet to learn how to approach ourselves with compassionate accountability & respect.

And, when it comes to nervous system regulation - we need other nervous system's to help in the process, too!

After all, we are social humans who thrive with supportive connection.

Just going out and learning more is not the way to achieve different results (plus, you practically have you PhD in that approach!!)

Because receiving this invitation goes way deeper than what you know or don't know.

Let's face it - how many things do you "know" the basic principles for? "know" going to bed earlier, drinking more water & getting in movement are probably things that would be supportive to your health.

But how many people "know" this and struggle to implement or get results when they try?


This isn't about what you know or don't know (and yet, I can guarantee, there is still lots to learn).

This is about your ability to then actually integrate it into your life.

Not through forcing. Or coming up with yet another plan.

Not through beating yourself up in hopes "this time it works".

And definitely not through, "just try harder"

So here's the million dollar question...

Why haven't other approaches worked?

Because the Answer is Found Within Your Nervous System.

Other approaches to pain are brain based or body (as in, muscles & joints) based. And while these are important...

Before we can even go there, we first must look at our nervous system.

But if you've tried meditation/journaling/breathwork or any sort of inner healing - and it has felt either too intense or you felt completely dissociated from it, it's because you were missing a crucial component: Nervous System Safety!

In order to even work with the nervous system, there must be safety to even be with it!

Without this, you stay stuck in a hamster wheel of learning or trying techniques, which don't work, and then you end up feeling more frustrated, hopeless & in pain.

But we need THREE crucial elements to work together:

Because without all three, we will stay stuck in the vicious cycle of pain.

The Three Elements Required for Healing Pain Are:

The essential element to go within & accept the invitation from your body!

Without aligned action we are unable to expand our lives & do the things we desire!

We need to ensure we are operating from evidence-based info as well as body-led wisdom

So if you've been looking for a different approach to your pain...

One that doesn't keep you at war with your own body.

One that doesn't just tell you "oh just think more positive!"

One that actually see you - a WHOLE human living a complex life...

And, one that incorporates the 3 essential elements required for healing pain...

Then it is time for one of the most important introductions of your life:

Pain to Power: A 12-Week Journey to Unleash your Life

Where you discover how embracing your pain leads to relief & a life you get to live on YOUR terms.

Over our 12 Weeks together, we will be moving through a journey that allows you to integrate in your whole-self in order to move from a life limited by pain to a life UNLEASHED.

Week 1: Breaking the Cycle.

Stop the struggle & fight with pain. You'll learn how to partner with your pain & gain back time/energy that was previously spent in fight.
You'll also get to know your nervous system, and how to get into a state that optimizes healing.

Week 2: Understand your Nervous System, Pain & Connect to Your Authentic Wisdom

When you understand why pain is present, you can work with it on a deeper, root cause level.

This week will also reconnect you back to your body's innate intelligence that is necessary for the healing process

Week 3: Build Your Toolbox

Learn the tool that will transform your LIFE and that is fundamental to the Whole-Self Integration process.
With it, you'll learn how to find safety in connecting to your authentic wisdom & hearing it's message.

Week 4: Rewiring Responses to Pain

With chronic pain, we develop habitual response loops to our pain. These keep our nervous system in threat mode. Examples include: Fear, anxiety, catastrophizing, perfectionism (around healing) & urgency (to heal), just to name a few. Learn exactly how to identify your specific pattern(s), and how to rewire them & stop the loop!

Week 5:
Deeper Discernment

The reality is, some patterns began before you were born (ancestral or integenerational) or are from societal progamming. We cannot rewire these patterns in the same way. So this week is all about learning to discern where a pattern is coming from & how to attend to it appropriately.

Week 6: Bringing it into Everyday Life!

In this week, we will be emphasizing & working through how to use the tools you're learning in everyday life. These tools do not work unless they are applied, so this week is all about working through any barriers or obstacles, and learning how to apply these tools practically!

Week 7: Bringing in Values

Now that you have a deeper connection with your Authentic Self, it is time to get clear on your values (not ones you thought you "should" have!), and learn the method to ensure you're taking aligned action.

Week 8: Working with the Nervous System

The nervous system is complex, and this week, we will take our understanding of it to a deeper level, which will allow you to work through times you feel stuck, frozen or triggered. You'll understand the rungs of the nervous system and how to work through each layer.

Week 9: Bringing in Movement

Movement is crucial to overall health & wellbeing. Understand fundamental principles necessary to get back into movements & workouts you loved! Or discover new workouts for the first time/re-define your relationship with exercise to one of self-nurturing.

Week 10: Updating & Integrating Changes into Your Nervous System

By this point, there will be many changes you're experiencing. And it is crucial to ensure your nervous system is being updated. Otherwise, it is like trying to run the latest software on a old computer - it will just glitch!

Week 11: Moving Forward in Life

Connecting with your Authentic Wisdom & taking aligned action consistently is like drinking water, sleeping & eating! It is necessary to live a life that is intentional. So we will be ensuring you feel confident using these tools in daily life.

Week 12: Celebration Week!

This week is all about wrapping up & celebrating how far everyone has come. Taking the time to do this is crucial for building safety in our nervous system, so let's do this together! WOOHOO!

Pain to Power:

A 12-Week Journey to Unleash your Life

 is a guided journey backed by neuroscience and injected with love & support.

It contains the knowledge & teachings to satiate the hungriest growth & knowledge junkies...

But this isn't just about information gathering.

The materials are developed to provide you actual, implementable tools for you to develop nervous system safety & take aligned action.

Because without implementation, you can only get so far.

You are granted life-long access to the materials.

You are encouraged to go at your own pace.

While we will move through the materials together, you are encouraged to linger longer, or re-visit things as often as needed.

This space is about learning what works for your nervous system.

You decide what works for you. No pressure, as that can work against your nervous system!

Yet, there will be consistent support & accountability (through coaching calls & an FB group)

You cannot get behind.

With a beautiful group of other humans who struggle with their chronic pain - just like you - we’ll unpack the layers of conditioning and programming that have disconnected us from our bodies. You’ll emerge with the tools, the confidence, and the chutzpah to show up for your life as you desire.

Imagine waking up, and it being OKAY that you aren’t sure what the day will bring.

The magic included in the

Pain to Power: A 12-Week Journey to Unleash your Life:

This isn’t just another online course - this is a collaboration.

Access to an Online Portal Containing:

✴ Pre-recorded video teachings

✴ Transcripts

✴ Handouts & Reflection Questions

✴ Audio tools to download & use at your convenience

12 LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls

✴ Each week, we will move through the content together

✴ Calls take place on zoom & recordings will be provided

✴ Opportunities for LIVE coaching, where so much magic happens!

Private Facebook Group

✴This is another opportunity for the community to learn & heal together.

✴Within the group, you are welcome to post questions & ask for feedback and any support needed!

Ask any questions you have & dive deeper into the content!

An AMAZING community

Whatever you're experiencing, chances are others are, too. This is a safe community where acceptance of everyone & their individual experience is of utmost importance. 

✴So much healing occurs when we are witnessed, validated & supported by others

How will the content be delivered (and other nitty gritty deets)?

Value-packed, pre-recorded, videos: These will be your guide to completely shift your relationship with pain, discover how to listen to the messages your pain is sending & get back to living a life on YOUR terms!

Transcripts of videos for those that prefer to read & so you can easily refer back to any notes!

Guided audio processes to directly follow along with which can be used over & over again - these will help you connect to your body & receive answers from it, while providing safety & guidance along the way

Weekly coaching calls - get live-coached, ask your questions, and enjoy this space to be witnessed, celebrated & supported!

✴ ALL Zoom calls will be recorded for you to access at your convenience

PDF Worksheets & reflection questions to help you absorb the material & apply it to your own life

LIFETIME access to the materials

Coaching Calls: Wednesdays (exact time tbd - starting between 11:00-12:30pm EST - please contact with any questions!)

As you move through this program, you'll completely transform the way you think about & respond to your pain, yourself, and your body.

You'll experience a shift from constant pain, tension & disconnect in your body to one of ease, peace & calm.

Through this process, you will not only experience relief from pain, but you'll experience a deepening within yourself, and your ability to express & show up as the fullest version of YOU - whatever the heck that looks like.

And, you'll be able to FINALLY get back to living a life, where you are free to just wake up & choose your own adventure for the day!

If you're ready to transform your life then enroll in "Pain to Power: A 12-Week Journey to Unleash your Life" by clicking the button below!

Choose "Pay in Full" for a 1 time payment of $2500

Choose "3 Month Payment Plan" for 3 payments of $865/month


“I've tried everything already…why is this different?”

This is different because the focus isn’t about trying to get rid of your pain. The focus is on deeply getting to know, understand, and make space for your pain. Sometimes doing this lessens it or alleviates it completely, sometimes it doesn’t. But you’ll be learning to be with your body no matter what happens. And when you use these tools, we make SO much more room for LIFE to happen, because we are clearing out the energy-sucking analyzing, questioning, fear & anxiety that go along with pain.

I’m terrified this will be yet another failed program.

First off, so so much compassion. I get this fear so deeply. I cannot tell you how much I invested in myself, and almost didn’t invest in the program that transformed my own life due to this same fear. The thing is, this is impossible to fail. How people experience the outcomes WILL vary, but if you’re willing to show up, you will get outcomes. Things will begin to shift. If you know you need support, accountability and lots of love, then the VIP program is the perfect option for you, as I’ll be there to hold your hand & gently guide you throughout the whole program.

Will this program get rid of all my pain?

Maybe? I don’t know. This is actually NOT the goal. Even if it does (and it very well might - my clients have an extremely high success rate of significant pain reduction/alleviation!), no one is going the rest of their life without feeling pain again. So more importantly, this program provides the tools and know-how if and when pain does show up! Not to mention, this program goes so far beyond just addressing physical pain.

Will all my problems magically be solved?


Ok…this one is sorta a joke. But also, I know you want to know the answer. Because you’re probably a perfectionist. And I am a recovering one, and really, this is what I wanted to know from any program I was interested in!

Life is always going to have problems. Obstacles. Unexpected moments. The harder we try to avoid them (and don’t get me wrong, sometimes we absolutely CAN & should avoid them), the more they catch us off guard and throw us for a loop when they do happen. And the smaller this also makes your world. Because avoiding discomfort is possible only when we avoid challenges, trying new things, meeting new people, and just….living.

Your problems won’t magically be solved. Shit will happen. But it will no longer derail you for days (or weeks...or years). And even if it does, you’ll be able to catch it, and know what your next best step is. And really, hell, when you can do this, this basically does solve your problems, so through this lens, this course is basically cruelty-free, ethically-sourced magical unicorn powder, you’re welcome.

I have some serious trauma - is this right for me?

First and foremost, an online course is NEVER a substitute for individualized care, however, my clients have found it *amplifies* any 1:1 they are doing or have done in the past. If you know that you have “big T” Trauma, especially if you have never explored it with a practitioner, I absolutely recommend the VIP option, or even working with me as a 1:1 client. I am a trauma-informed practitioner, and if you’re having any concerns, sign up for a consultation, and let's chat to make sure this IS the right fit for you. My goal is to help women - and if I don’t think I can do that, I will make a much more informed and personalized recommendation after learning more about your story.  

If you’ve worked closely with a therapist before, but things are still unresolved, this course is very likely an amazing option. And let’s chat more if you have any hesitations about your specific case!

Will you take me through physical exercises?

This is NOT a movement oriented program. While we absolutely will have “exercises”, most are mindfulness/somatic based exercises, so while they may include movement, movement isn’t required to do them. There are some exercises that DO involve movement - but not in the traditional “exercise” sense. The skills we go over in this program will prepare you to go on to do whatever movement you desire (and you absolutely can continue whatever movement or exercise you are currently doing) - especially if you’ve found fear, anxiety and/or perfectionism tend to stop you from being active in the way you desire. I will be helping you integrate what you learn here to any movement program you decide to begin either during the program, or anytime in the future!

But if I’m not trying to get rid of my pain, does that mean I’ll be stuck with it the rest of my life?

Let me first ask you this. Pause. Reflect. How much time, money & effort have you spent trying to fix it so far? If you’re still reading, it means that you still don’t have the result you want. Fighting it, and trying to fix it unfortunately hasn’t worked. If it was going to work, it would have already - because I KNOW you’ve been trying.

For some people, yes, their pain may stick around to some degree. So the option is between spending even more time, money & effort (that will likely yield the same results you’ve already gotten) OR shifting your relationship with your pain, and learning to live a life you love…with your pain.

For others, this absolutely will actually will lessen or alleviate the pain they are signing up for this program for.  

The other common outcome is due to the tools learned in the program, and the different way we approach pain, it can actually even mean that things you did try before, but didn’t work - may actually work in the future. That muscle that your physical therapist kept having to release, for example? This program might address why it kept tensing up - so next time they release it, it is finally ready to stay chill.

Is there a start/stop date? What is the time commitment?

Yes. This program will begin May 15, 2023 & will run for 12 consecutive weeks.

For the time commitment - it depends. The calls will be 1 hour every week. The materials are more DIY pace. I'd plan on setting aside 15-30 minutes 3-5x/week to start seeing massive shifts. But it is absolutely ok to start with less! And much of this work will be taught in a way that once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to integrate it into daily life as well.

Sounds good, but I'm just not sure I'm ready to commit...

First off, I GET it. When you've been in chronic pain for years it can be tough to commit to yet another thing. Let's chat more to make sure it is right for you! Just click the link below under the "I still have questions!" header

This all sounds good...but I still have questions!

Of course! The best way to get these answered is to sign up for a consultation call with me! CLICK HERE to schedule!

or email me: [email protected]

If you're ready to transform your life then enroll in "Pain to Power: A 12-Week Journey to Unleash your Life" by clicking the button below!

Choose "Pay in Full" for a 1 time payment of $2500

Choose "3 Month Payment Plan" for 3 payments of $865/month

Hi, I’m Dr. Andrea Moore!

I’m a mom, wife and recovering health perfectionist. My entire career path has been based on trying to fix everything wrong with me: from chronic pain & post-concussive syndrome to anxiety & ADHD.

While I refused to accept this as my norm trying to implement what I thought was necessary to alleviated my symptoms felt exhausting, restricting & impossible.

Along my 15+ year journey, I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an Orthopedic Certified Specialist, Functional Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach and patriarchy & perfectionism smasher.

Through years of education, self healing & working with 100s of women, I've learned that it is always about coming back to yourself in order to live the life of your dreams. So now I guide other women who are suffering from chronic pain back to their bodies & living in a way that is aligned with the truest version of themselves.

Want to know about my philosophy?

My philosophy is that we are so disconnected from our bodies - not by our own fault - but because this is what we’ve been taught & modeled. We’ve been trained to seek external praise, approval & guidance for what is best for our own bodies. 

I believe each & every person is capable of connecting back to their own body & inner wisdom.

But just understanding this doesn’t make it easy to start listening to ourselves. Because there are layers & layers of patriarchal, societal, and even learned programming ingrained in our nervous systems that make our brains feel that it isn’t safe to listen to ourselves. 

So our brains often will actively stop us from trying. Or even when we do hear a message - we don’t trust it, or dismiss it. Or - very commonly, we interpret certain things as a message from our true, authentic self - when really - what we are hearing is a part of ourselves that is stuck in the past, desperately trying to survive - NOT thrive.

Thriving goes against how our brain’s evolved. It isn’t hard because anything is wrong with you. 

Thriving is hard because our brains think thriving might put our lives at risk. 

But within the Pain to Power program, you can learn to show yourself safety, love & compassion. 

And when you can do this, you decrease the very nervous system sensitivity that leads to chronic pain in the first place!

Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement of the Pain to Power: A 12-Week Journey to Unleash Your Life

By purchasing this course, you are signifying you have read, acknowledge & agree to the outlined terms & condition of use contract found HERE.

If you're ready to transform your life then enroll in "Pain to Power: A 12-Week Journey to Unleash your Life" by clicking the button below!

Choose "Pay in Full" for a 1 time payment of $2500

Choose "3 Month Payment Plan" for 3 payments of $865/month